A Message from Our Pastor

Liberty Baptist Church, Hartwell

Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount that, “you are the salt of the earth…..you are the light of the world.”  Matthew 5:13-14.   As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, one of our identifying characteristics is that we should be impossible to overlook.  If we have His light within us….then His “light” will shine through us.  If we are “salt” then our influence will be at work in this culture around us! In other words, Christ in us and through us will be “impossible to ignore!” 

I have heard it said that when it comes to living life, you are either a thermometer or thermostat. As Christians it is in our spiritual DNA to be thermostats! God has not called His followers to reflect the culture, but rather to influence the culture. Here at Liberty Baptist Church, we believe our Lord wants us to influence our culture.

The Sons of Issachar, according to 1 Chronicles 12:32, “understood the times and knew what to do.” It is important that followers of the Lord Jesus know that we are living in a time when it seems everything is changing faster than we can keep up. The government, the economy, the technology of how we relate to one another, the values that define us and the worldview that we hold as citizens is changing every day. Therefore, we must understand what is happening and know how God would have us respond.

Liberty Baptist Church is committed to leading its membership, and all who would like to partner with us, to be “salt and light” in this decaying culture.  We are committed to turning this nation back to the Judeo-Christian values upon which we were originally established. We are committed to being the Christian witness in this world that our Lord has declared us to be. We are committed to doing these things with faithfulness and love and grace, and in obedience to His Word.  May God bless you as we share in this great work together for His glory!  
                                                                 Pressing on for Christ,……..Pastor  Mike Griffin  

 Religion has an important role in politics

   “Americans are right to be concerned about “government intrusion on the free exercise of faith,” Richard Land said in an Easter appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” “We (Baptists) believe absolutely in the separation of church and state to protect the church from the state,” Land said.

“There are many of us who are concerned about government intrusion on the free exercise of faith,” he continued. “It never was intended to mean the separation of religiously informed morality from public policy,” Land added.  ……Read More





Legal Highlights

Legal organizations doing the most in America right now with the court system and the Supreme Court.


 Jay Sekulow 


 Matthew Staver


 Alan Sears 


Other Christian Organizations

      Don Wildmon


    Jody Hice & Mike Griffin



Eagle Forum

Phyllis Schlafly 

Georgia Right To Life 

Committed to the sanctity of life

     Family Research Council - Advancing Faith, Family, and Freedom

 Tony Perkins


Current Events, Petitions, & Legislation

Governor Nathan Deal Signs Amended Historical Display Law

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ERLC Comments on Supreme Court’s Ruling on Health Care Reform

Current Petitions

Please sign the Affirmation of Marriage

   SR 99 Opposing CRC Ratification (Includes lead sponsor, Sen. Jim DeMint.  Latest sponsor signed on Feb. 6, 2012. 


Update on Current Legislation

Georgia Legislature Passes Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act - HB 954

Governor Deal signs two pro-life bills

Sanctity of Human Life—HR 212

DOMA Watch (Defense of Marriage Act)

S. 555: Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2011 (A bill to end discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in public schools, and for other purposes.

Atheists sue Pennsylvania for declaring 2012 ‘Year of the Bible’ 


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